Moonlight Game Streaming Guide

Moonlight Game Streaming


If you’ve been searching for a way to bring your pc games to your TV via Android TV then you’ve come to the right place! Before continuing read the requirements below.


PC Requirements

  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 600/700/800/900 series or GTX 600M/700M/800M series GPU (GT-series GPUs won’t work)
  • NVIDIA GeForce Experience (GFE) 2.1.1 or higher


Most controllers will work just fine, but the following have been tested:

  • Xbox 360 wired/wireless
  • PS3 wired (with Sixaxis Enabler app) or wireless (with SixAxis Controller app)
  • PS4 wired via USB
  • MOGA controller (see note below)
  • Amazon Fire Game Controller
  • Shield integrated controller
  • Android TV Gamepads

MOGA controller users: If your controller has a switch with A and B, it must be switched to B to be used for streaming. If you have no switch, use the MOGA Universal Driver app.

SixAxis controller users: Use SixAxis in “Native Gamepad” mode. The default button mapping needs to be adjusted to match the standard controller layout for streaming.

External Mouse and Keyboard

Using an external mouse as a relative input on Android requires a rooted device. If you want to use an external mouse on your rooted device, you should download “Moonlight for Rooted Devices” on the Play Store or app-root-release.apk from releases.


Now that you’ve met those prerequisites lets get you setup and ready to stream and play. In most cases, your PC will show up automatically in the PC list. Click the entry in the PC list to start pairing. Next, On your PC, enter the PIN displayed on the Android device and accept the pairing dialog. Choose your PC in the PC list and the app list will be displayed where you can select a game to stream.


Some games will show up natively and others will have to be played by selecting Steam Big Picture then launching the game from there.


In my testing of Moonlight I’ve found very few issues with it performance wise. Playing Rocket League on my TV via my ADT-1 was flawless. The only problem I ran into was getting the controllers in the right order but that was on me for leaving the keyboard on, which didn’t allow my Xbox One controller to be second controller for split screen. When playing games streamed over your local network it’s highly recommended to use your 5 GHz Channel because it allows for more data to be pushed over then its 2.4 GHz counterpart, if your router supports both.

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