Nexus Player On Marshmallow First Impressions

The Nexus Player, so many things could be said about it for better and worse. It’s that time of the year when Google drops a new OS on us and it’s the first big update for the Android TV Platform. The question is what does it fix and what inevitably break in terms of functionality and apps.

Android 6.0 Marshmallow
Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Look And Feel 

The look and feel of Marshmallow isn’t any different from Lollipop before it in terms of UI. Most of the work done with the update consist of features and behind the scene improvements.


Performance – 

This is where the real difference lays, In Marshmallow the response and performance if far superior to that of Lollipop. Everything feels smoother from Animations to response times and no more hang ups in most apps.


The Bad – 

No update goes without its kinks and flaws, Marshmallow is no exception. With the update comes the breaking of certain applications.

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