SeaChange Brings New Video Platforms to ATV

This week New Orleans is hosting the annual Cable-Tec Expo, a convention dedicated to cable telecommunications technology. It’s pretty huge, with over 375 exhibiting companies vying for attention. You might be interested in what SeaChange International, Inc. is demonstrating.

As stated in their press release, they are showing off “Android TV streaming of live channels and on-demand content”.

SeaChange has a few video platforms and technologies that will be supported on Android TV, including “the industry‚Äôs only open multiscreen and OTT television platforms that orchestrate on-demand and live linear video services across all screens with unified subscriber experiences.” That’s a mouthful, but it basically means giving users a great experience while also making it easy for developers to create consistent products across devices. This is likely going to come as an upgrade to their Adrenalin product.

This also means that SeaChange will be adding Android TV support to Rave, their analytics software. Giving companies consistent watching data on any platform makes it much easier for companies to target you with ads. (Is that really a good thing?)

SeaChange makes another interesting product, the Nucleus video gateway software, which lets users stream video from a Nucleus powered device, such as a cable box, to any device in the house.

While this currently is so you can watch shows from your DVR to your phone in bed, in the future you might just receive a Comcast box that you stow away somewhere. All your content can be stored there and then use DLNA to stream it to your phone, tablet, or your Android TV.

SeaChange products are business oriented, so we probably aren’t going to hear much more about this from a consumer point of view. However, the fact that they’re adding Android TV support makes it much easier for developers to add TV support and push their apps out to more users.

Nick Felker

Nick Felker

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