Razer Isn’t Giving Up On Forge TV

Razer Forge TV

Last week, Razer Forge TV owners were upset by news that the device was pulled from the Google Store. Many decried the move as the product, along with Ouya, dying. This public denouncement seems to have been loud enough that Razer issued a public statement. They confirm the product is not dying, but rather they are ‘doubling-down on Android gaming in the living room’.

As was pointed out last week, there’s plenty of evidence that suggests Razer is getting ready for a major product revision. Documentation related to Ouya and Ouya developers has steadily been updated over the past two weeks using the new branding Cortex. This includes adding support for new versions of popular gaming engines. Developers can now use the Cortex fork of Unreal Engine 4.10 instead of the older Ouya fork of the Unreal Engine 4.6.

Razer is still dedicated to building a “spiritual successor” to the Ouya, and their original roadmap was to have their new storefront Cortex ready by the end of the year. They are still on track for this to happen. Although their original hardware has been pulled from one online store, it is certainly possible that they update a new version which includes updated hardware specs and additional features like streaming games from your PC. There’s still several weeks left in November, and even more weeks until the end of year. Following that, there’s the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) where Razer will likely discuss much more about their future plans.

From Razer:

Following our acquisition of OUYA, we’ve been focused on integrating the content we inherited and building a spiritual successor to OUYA with the Forge TV. We’re doubling-down on Android gaming in the living room and looking forward to producing the world’s largest library of Android TV games, from AAA to indie. Concurrently, we are working to ramp-up production to address present demand and should have more news to share soon.

Nick Felker

Nick Felker

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