Android TV App for Enterprise Level Wifi

A tool that’s long overdue especially considering it’s been supported since API 18 is a utility app called Connect To Radius WiFi. It’s used for connecting to Enterprise level WiFi via WPA2. Here’s a short description of the idea behind it and what it does.

We wrote this app to connect our Nexus Player to the company wifi. (WPA EAP / IEEE 802.1X / WPA Enterprise / Cisco Radius Network)
We guess it could be useful for developers, companies and schools using an Android TV device in an enterprise wifi.
At this time the Nexus Player Settings in Android 5 do not show any GUI to connect to Enterprise Wifis. Nevertheless the functionality is inside the device and since API 18 can be accessed in any Android App.

Enterprise level Wifi Settings

As you can see, it was built with a purpose and should work well universally across the WPA Enterprise standard for companies and universities. It should also be noted that for Universities with 2 networks you may finally be able to properly cast to your device now since it would be on the same network and not a specific network for set top boxes and game consoles. It’s free to download on Google Play.

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