Why The Future of Android TV depends on Nvidia and their Shield TV


Every time a new platform or OS is introduced into the market it puts the user(s) at a learning curve. It’s a learning process for everyone but if there’s a great product with great possibilities then it will succeed 9/10 times. For Android TV that product is not Google’s own Nexus Player but Nvidia’s Shield TV. It showcases that the tiny box that sits under or behind your TV isn’t just like all the other small set-top boxes but something that knows you and caters to your habits. With an industry leading Tegra X1 Processor it’s broken a new barrier for set-top boxes and Android as a whole. Without moving up in price range, you won’t get more bang for your buck because the X1 can handle some AAA titles locally and all the catalog in Nvidia’s Geforce Now, their $15 a month game streaming service that houses a good amount of popular titles but requires a good amount of bandwidth for seamless gameplay.

Why Nvidia?

Shield TV, Controller & Remote


I’ll tell you why, being a PC vendor primarily, Nvidia had to find their way into the other gaming markets in both mobile and the new market of casual TV Gaming which lies somewhere between console and mobile gaming. The reason for this is if they didn’t someone else would and that would only hurt the company. Earlier in the existence of Android Nvidia supplied the Tegra series line in certain phones and this allow these devices to have the power for most games but as time went on the playing field leveled and so Nvidia had to go back to the drawing board. Where could they strike next? Tablets. With the Shield(Handheld) and then Shield Tablet, Nvidia could control both software and hardware and issue out quick updates without any carrier interference because they both were¬†wifi only devices. This all happened around the time leading up to Android Lollipop (5.0) when Android TV was going to be announced. Nvidia could finally could beat the one barricade that most of mobile was plagued by and that was battery life. This ended up being the key factor allow them to use such a powerful chip, because they didn’t have to worry about battery life because it’s tied to an outlet.

Sell Me On it

*Queues salesman’s Pitch*

NVIDIA SHIELD is an amazing Ultra HD streaming media player, delivering incredible resolution in favorite apps like Netflix* 4K, YouTube, KODI (XBMC), and PLEX. Vivid 10-bit color and rich Dolby 7.1 surround sound** make this a true home theater experience. Or plug your headphones into your SHIELD controller or SHIELD remote for a private listening experience.

Well now that we’ve got that out of the way, you see this isn’t for the faint of heart and that’s exactly the way Nvidia wants you to see it. Pushing the boundaries and standards of today and giving you the absolute best home theater experience you could ask for and features other boxes can’t compare to.

  • Native PC Gaming Streaming
  • 4K system wide support on both Games and Apps
  • The most vast selection of titles both on the Play Store, Exclusives, and Geforce Now.
  • The most powerful chip in mobile today.

You can buy the Nvidia SHIELD TV today from many different vendors such as Amazon, Best Buy, Gamestop, and even Nvidia themselves.

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