OUYA Customers Get Deal to Upgrade to Razer Forge TV


After Razer purchased OUYA and announced their own gaming-focused Android TV, the Razer Forge TV, it was obvious that the two companies would work closely together to create the best experience possible for users. Although they teased their end product, Cortex, for a while without providing much information, we have finally gotten a good look at Razer’s storefront. There’s a focus around multiplayer and indie games using their own proprietary algorithm.

For those of you who already own a Razer Forge TV, a software update came around that should have given you access to the new storefront. However, this doesn’t help people who just have an OUYA resting next to their TV. After Razer’s acquisition, OUYA’s store fell by the wayside and has become deprecated.

Razer wants these users to stay invested in the Android gaming ecosystem, so they’re taking steps to get these customers upgraded to a Razer Forge TV. To do this, they’re offering an exclusive discount. The Razer Forge TV Bundle, which includes the console itself and a game controller, is discounted by $50 down to $100. This just gets customers the hardware and not any of the games, so Razer is also giving these users $10 credit toward the Cortex store.

If you were an OUYA customer, you should soon receive an email giving you a code that you can use online to order your new device with the $60 discount. This may be enough to get most of them on board, but will they choose Razer over another company producing similar hardware like the NVIDIA Shield TV? If so, they’ll not only get an experience and games similar to the OUYA, but additional benefits from being within the Google ecosystem such as the Google Play Store and all those games, and other Google apps. Netflix support will soon come as well.

Do you own an OUYA? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Nick Felker

Nick Felker

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