Presto! Now on Android TV in Australia!

Mr. Robot on Presto
Presto’s Android TV interface shows top series and movies

Presto is an Australian movie and TV streaming service. For $15 a month ($9 if you choose between movies or TV shows) you get access to shows you won’t find on Netflix in the US like Big Bang Theory and Mr. Robot. The service has been growing, with support for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android phones. Support for playing these TV shows on an actual TV came first with Samsung TVs and working with an Australian telecom company Telstra.

Presto just announced two big pieces of news for their Australian consumers. First, the first seven seasons of Big Bang Theory are now available to watch. Second, you can now watch those episodes on your Android TV with an update to the app on Google Play.

CEO of Presto, Shaun James, had some comments on the news.

We are seeing a trend amongst the world’s leading consumer electronics makers towards using the Android TV operating platform, delivering smart, internet-powered entertainment easily to the big screen…

If you live in Australia, you can download the app. Your first month will be free.

Nick Felker

Nick Felker

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  • Uncle Bob

    It works on the Nexus Player, but not Nvidia Shield TV. The
    Shield displays it like a phone in portrait mode, only worse.

    • NF

      That’s really unusual. There’s no reason why it should be different. Try letting the devs know.

      • Uncle Bob

        I sent them an email last night, no reply so far. Here is what it looks like – plus blank screen either side to fill 16×9.

      • Uncle Bob

        I see there is a post on their forums about this. Poor response simply saying it is not listed as a compatible device.