[Quick Tip] Voice Command: “What’s on TV?”

Voice Commands are game changing for the latest generations of TV boxes and Android TV’s are obviously the best 🙂 . Apparently Google prefers some voice commands to be Easter Eggs because they really don’t advertize them very well. I stumbled upon this last one by accident… Check it out:

The “What’s on TV?” command will only work if you have the Live Channels app enabled (which means you need to have a source app installed: HDHomeRun VIEW, Cumulus TV, or Pluto TV)

When you say the command it will immediately pull up the program guide in the Live Channels app so you can literally see what is currently on TV… WOW!

Have you found any other Easter Egg commands? Let us know in the comments below!

Brian Stein

Brian Stein is a Science Teacher with a love of technology. When he is not molding young minds, he is looking out for the latest and greatest gadgets. Devices: Moto X, G Watch, Nexus 7, Chromebook, Custom Plex Server

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