YouTube 1.3 Adds Stats for Nerds, Better Channel Layout

Google continues its holiday updates with version 1.3.8 of YouTube. It’s another update that adds polish to the platform and puts the app more on par with its mobile version while keeping an interface optimized for a remote control.

YouTube Red

YouTube Red

YouTube Red is now supported, meaning you get commercial free videos for $10/month. YouTube Red users will see that changed icon in the top right corner. The main activity also includes icons for main actions in the navigation drawer including a quicker way to access settings.

Stats for Nerds

Youtube stats for nerds

The settings activity now has more options. You can get information on casting, other types of help, and enable stats for nerds. These stats are very much like the ones you’d find on the web or on the phone. They appear in the top left corner of the video and show things like dropped frames, bandwidth, and other types of stats that nerds would like to see. It’s a very aptly named setting.

Channel UI

Youtube channel
Videos now have an option at the bottom to directly link to that video’s channel. From there, you can very quickly subscribe to that channel. The layout for this activity has been improved, now showing the channel’s banner at the top while you scroll through videos. The extra color helps make each channel’s page seem more vibrant and customized rather than just a plain background.


It seems like Google is making a solid effort to improve its core applications for the TV experience, making it easier to navigate with a remote control while also taking advantage of a huge screen. The update should be available now for everyone, but you can also sideload it from APK Mirror.

Edit Dec 18: As Pedro pointed out in the comments, there’s a URL that you can use to give direct feedback regarding the Android TV app.

Nick Felker

Nick Felker

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