Multi-Room Audio Casting Coming to More Devices

Multi-Room Audio

Last year Google announced the Chromecast Audio and a really cool feature: synchronized multi-room audio. Instead of just casting a song or podcast to one speaker, it can be played on all your speakers at the same time.

This was originally just available to the Chromecast Audio, but Google announced at last week’s Ubiquity Summit that multi-room audio casting will be coming to more devices as well that support the Cast Audio protocol. The news was announced on the second day’s keynote.

Rishi Chandra, vice president of Google of product management for the living room, says,

We’re going to be extending that capability to the ecosystem as well. So whether you get a Sony AVR and you want to pair it with a JVL speaker you can do that using the Cast SDK to have synchronous audio across multiple rooms.

Does that include Android TV? He doesn’t mention it explicitly, but it would make sense for TVs to be included as a destination for audio-only casting. Some TVs are wired into high-quality sound systems already and being able to use a TV as a destination would really create a full home audio experience.

He continues in the video to discuss Android TV and how their living room strategy consists of the two different paradigms of casting and full TV apps. Although this may seem like a lack of focus, Google is trying to cater to two different demographics with different types of products. They’re committed to both.

One final gem is from that same fireside chat, a little earlier:

Look, Android is a very compelling platform in general. Bringing it to a TV is definitely a huge step for that ecosystem. And maintaining a platform is very – it’s not easy. We are committed to doing so. And we’ll continue to bring innovation and stability to that platform.

Nick Felker

Nick Felker

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