National Lacrosse League Added to Fox Sports Go


Lacrosse is not the most popular American sport, but it still has many fans. The National Lacrosse League (NLL) is the professional league designed for Lacrosse in a similar way to the National Football League. It has been around in some form since its inception in the 1980s. Although the leagues have changed, it remains a common collection of teams from the United States and Canada who will play each other.

The league is small, currently having only nine teams. However, it is significant enough that Fox Sports has agreed to stream games live through their app Fox Sports Go. The app includes support for Android TV, letting you watch games without needing a cable box. The games should start being available for streaming today, with Georgia State’s Swarm playing in Colorado against the Colorado Mammoths at 9:30 EST. The NLL has a full list of games.

Says the NLL commissioner George Daniel,

The NLL is proud to team with FOX Sports to launch the NLL Channel. Our fans in the United States will enjoy a tremendous online viewing experience throughout the 2016 season.

Users can select from several different channels
Users can select from several different channels

Fox Sports Go has supported for Android TV for a while. When you first load the app, you need to sign in with a cable provider, so you’re not truly able to cut the cord. Comcast users may be pleased as Comcast is on the list of cable providers according to the app’s description. Fox Sports Go already provides users access to live streams American football, baseball, UFC, NASCAR, and a few other sports.

In addition to the actual games, users may see talk shows and other content at times when there are no games available. The app consists of branded channels for each sport, allowing users to select the one that they want to watch. The app is free on Google Play.

Nick Felker

Nick Felker

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