In Summary: Google’s Ubiquity Summit

ubiquity summit

This week Google hosted the Ubiquity summit, focusing on the idea of ubiquitous computing. The Internet of Things (IoT) is quickly becoming a significant area of computing, and Google is trying to be the company providing the software platforms to build these products.

Computers everywhere include in your TV, and Google hosted several sessions to help developers understand how casting and Android TV factor into your app development. These sessions talked about the “living room”, a combination of Chromecasts, Android TV sets, and Android TV set-top boxes. The “Living Room” is not, as the rumors suggested, a rebranding of Android TV nor a new product they announced.

The videos for each session are posted below. They are focused on developers, not offering anything new in terms of news. Still, developers should watch them and learn how to optimize their apps and games for a TV interface. All of the videos from the Ubiquity Summit, including talks on Android Wear, Brillo, Weave, and Project Tango are also available in a YouTube playlist.

Fireside Chat: The Future of the Living Room

John Affaki & Majd Bakar host a fireside chat about the future of our living rooms. John is the Engineering Director for the Google Cast SDK and Cast services teams. Majd runs the engineering team in charge of the Living Room at Google and was one of the original founders of Chromecast.

Bring Your App to the Big Screen with Android TV

Go where your users are: the living room! With Android TV and the Leanback library, you easily can add a big screen, cinematic experience to your app. Josh Gordon introduces the key features, and shows you how to get started.

Gaming and Android TV

Android TV’s are not consoles and that’s why they are ideal for defining a new gaming segment. Krispy Uccello talks about constraints and design and how embracing them for TV can help your game succeed in a new market.

Cast Your Game to the TV

Mobile games can find a new home on the TV, and with the Google Cast technology, its easier than ever to achieve that. Khaled Abdel Rahman talks about what Cast games are, why you should Cast enable your game, what it entails to enable Cast for a mobile game, and what some of the best practices in doing so are Khaled Abdel Rahman

Nick Felker

Nick Felker

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