Interdimensional First-Person Puzzler ‘Parallax’ Is Now Available For SHIELD Devices

Nvidia wants your household to be SHIELD filled and with a constant release of quality game titles they’re giving a pretty convincing argument. The latest game to join their ever-expanding library is none other than Parallax a first person puzzler.

Parallax works in a “Portal-esque” way, ┬áParallax spreads the buttons and switches you need to manipulate across both universes, so you’ll have to be in the right place at the right time. For example sometimes you need to toggle a switch in one reality in order to reach a different switch in the other, and only then do you carry out what you set out to do. Other additional mechanics like gravity and speed boosts are in play to help you get around.


Being a Nvidia exclusive and of high quality you can expect a higher than normal price tag on the Play Store. But at $10 it’s a game well worth the investment for what it brings to the table. Additionally there’s no IAP.

Anthony Garera

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