Kodi 16.0, Jarvis, Released in Play Store

Kodi, a popular cross-platform media app, just published it’s 16th major release for Android. The app has been updated to the Play Store. Kodi 16.0, which has the codename Jarvis, gives users a number of new features while improving the overall experience for Android mobile and Android TV users. As we saw earlier, they’ve been working on this update for a while, issuing several betas in order to fix small issues.

Key Features

Event Logging

If an extension is updated and stops working, you can now use the event log to see a list of things that happened in the app and can rollback that new update until it’s fixed later down the line.

Long Press

As the developers of Kodi admit, “In particular, all current Android TVs are lacking a dedicated context menu button altogether.” In order to give users a good experience across all devices, they’ve implemented long pressing in order to open up a context menu. This will give the user access to more fine-tuned settings while keeping the number of buttons and UI to a minimum.

Better support for 4K/UHD

A growing number of consumers are getting ultra-high definition (UHD) TVs and using boxes like the NVIDIA Shield TV to watch content. Unfortunately, Kodi has not in the past been showing content in 4K. These devices are unable to display the Kodi UI in 4K, so the video has to be downscaled in order for the interface to be snappy. The developers made a change in this release by separating the video surface and UI surface. Now the video can be displayed in its native resolution while the UI can be scaled as is appropriate for a quality user interface.

Other Highlights

With a project as large as Kodi, there’s always a number of features designed for power users which may not benefit a majority of users. The add-on manager has, as noted above, gained the ability to rollback an add-on to a previous version, in case the newest version contained an issue.

There’s an improved stretching for 4:3 content, so that the aspect ratio goes to 16:9 without stretching the entire screen. It should make watching older videos more pleasant on a wide screen.

For those that use Kodi’s music library, there’s a lot of new support so that it is on par with the video library functionality.

If you already have Kodi installed, then you probably already received this update. If you’re now interested, you can download it to your device for free through Google Play.

Nick Felker

Nick Felker

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