Android N Adds Android TV Recording API’s

Today Google surprised us all and released a preview for all current Nexus devices including the near and dear Nexus Player. Most of the big news is on the Phone/Tablet side but Android TV has some hidden tricks up its sleeves. The first trick we’ve discovered is the addition of Android TV Recording API’s.¬†Building on top of existing time-shifting APIs, TV input services can control what channel data can be recorded, how recorded sessions are saved, and manage user interaction with recorded content. Now what does this mean, it means Developers will be able to add recording to their apps or create an app like how Nvidia’s SHIELD TV can do native recording and Twitch streaming. This is huge for apps such as Twitch so they can expand to the other Android TV devices and allow the users to record their own game play and upload it. A few months ago we saw Google Play Games add some recording tools in the app but nothing came about it on the TV platform but that could all change now that Android N has shown off these API’s. I know here at Android TV News we’re very happy about this new making our jobs a bit easier.¬† As we dig deeper into the preview we’ll post here so stay tuned.

Anthony Garera

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