Google Play Movies and TV Gets Live Channel for Trailers

Google has a lot of media content, although it may be hard to know exactly what to watch. This is something that has been a focus on Android TV at its core. The recommendtions row allows any app to add specific pieces of content for the viewer. However, what if you could take that a step further and fully incentivize users to consume more of your content? This is something that Hollywood has been doing for decades through trailers, teasing users and getting them excited.

Some users have now been reporting that Google Play Movies and TV has a Live Channel. It currently appears to be a server-side switch, and so you may not see this even with the latest version of the app. This channel is something we’ve known was coming for a few months. A changelog from December stated:

What’s New?

* Wishlist any movie that’s not yet available for purchase and receive notifications when it’s available to buy or rent
* More reliable playback
* Settings improvements
* Play Movies & TV channel in Android TV Live Channels app

Reddit user hosemaster provided a few screenshots of the channel. It appears to showcase a number of trailers from Google’s most popular movies. Opening up the UI shows users a button that they can press to immediately go to Google Play and rent the movie. It’s a pretty clever way to showcase content, although it would be even better if they could add a second channel which just streams content from your library so you can binge on a TV show.

Google Play Movies

Another user in this thread stated the Live Channel only appears on the Nexus Player, perhaps indicating some sort of Android N API that is being used.

Google Play Movies Buy

Are you seeing this channel appear? Did you do anything special? Let us know in the comments below.

Photos credited to hosemaster

Nick Felker

Nick Felker

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  • Mate

    Yep, this is old news, had this for two weeks

  • Gfame103

    I had it for about two weeka too. I was surprised ATVN didn’t break this news sooner.

    • NF

      I had heard that it was around in some aspects for a few weeks, and even in December. However, it wasn’t until recently that someone posted photos.

      It seems to be available only to a few users at the moment, so I don’t have access. Is it related to your Android version or device?

      • Gfame103

        I don’t believe it is related to the Android version or device. I have it on my stock Nvidia Shield and Android TV running Android N.

  • Why isn’t there a youtube live android channel that simply pipes in current content from the #live youtube channel ? Maybe not a killer feature, but it is at least a differentiator from the competition

    • Gfame103

      I been dreaming of this to happen. Just imagine your subscriptions automatically playing the latest videos in the Live Channels apps. So many options you could present with this.

  • Samuel Lehman

    It is working for me. I’m on marshmallow on the nvidia shield. It’s part of my live channels app now. Thought it was live for everyone.