Nvidia Shield February Games Roundup


February was a busy month for the big green monster we call NVIDIA. They added some significant games to the Android TV & Geforce Now platforms. Below are some of the best to come out this month and considered must plays by NVIDIA themselves.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance (29.99)

A spin-off of the popular Metal Gear series of games, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance seamlessly melds action-oriented gameplay with epic storytelling. The story centers on the life of Raiden – a child soldier transformed into a half-human, half-cyborg ninja who uses his high-frequency katana blade to cut through anything that stands in his vengeful path. Revengeance is unique in its use of a gameplay mechanism called Blade Mode that lets Raiden dismember cyborgs in slow motion and steal parts stored in their bodies. Whereas the original Metal Gear games required stealth, in Revengeance the various stealth elements are optional. If you prefer stealth you can take that path, but if you prefer a more hack-and-slash experience, you can do that as well. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is currently available to download from the NVIDIA SHIELD store for 29.99.


Power Hover (Free)

Hoverboards are all the rage these days. From the devices catching fire beneath Christmas trees to criminals using them as getaway devices, we’re definitely in the midst of a serious craze. Enter Power Hover, an action game featuring hoverboarding robots. The game takes place in a desolate world and as you explore with your hoverboard an interesting story begins to unfold. Power Hover’s popularity may be due, in part, to the game’s relatively simple controls: press left or right to steer and that’s it. Your hoverboard also enables you to defy gravity and you’ll often be required to ride sideways and upside-down to pass certain levels. Everything is tied together with a camera system that not only offers up some interesting views of the world, but it also ensures that you will always be able to control their hoverboard. Power Hover is currently available to download for free at the NVIDIA SHIELD store.

OlliOlli2: Welcome to Olliwood (14.99)

Devolver Digital is back with this followup to their epicly popular action game, OlliOlli. In OlliOlli2: Welcome to Olliwood, you “drop in” to Olliwood and wait for the mayhem to ensue. You’re no longer restricted to just the street, like in OlliOlli, this time around you’ll visit a bevy of over-the-top cinematic locations. Along with a bunch of revamped paths and combos, the sequel boasts new ramps and hills that allow for even bigger air and multi-route levels. Additionally, OlliOlli2’s combo system has been expanded with the inclusion of a bevy of new tricks like manuals, reverts, revert manuals and grind switching that gives players more options than before. With an expanded bag of tricks, new worlds and levels and a legendary soundtrack, you can download OlliOlli2: Welcome to Olliwood from the NVIDIA SHIELD store for 14.99.

Play OlliOlli2: Welcome to Olliwood Android Game on SHIELD


Puddle + (2.99)

Puddle + is the sequel to the liquid physics puzzle game, Puddle. Featuring enhanced graphics and new videos, Puddle + challenges you to guide a puddle of fluid through each level by tilting the environment to the left or right. You’ll have to take everything from friction and gravity to temperature into account, and use the unique properties of each type of fluid (water, oil, nitroglycerin, molten lava, just to name a few) in a range of environments. You’ll also have to conserve as much fluid as possible when crossing a variety of obstacles such as burning passageways, carnivorous plants and electric currents. Puddle + is available to download from the NVIDIA SHIELD store for $2.99.

Play Puddle + Android Game on SHIELD


Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions ($9.99)

Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions is an arcade shooter that puts you at the controls of a small, highly maneuverable ship that can move and fire independently in any direction. The objective of the game is simple: score points in a variety of different game modes by blowing up a variety of shapes and survive by not touching them. Sounds simple, right? It isn’t. Touch a shape and your ship is destroyed and a precious life is lost. Lives and extremely valuable bomb power-ups (bombs clear the game space of enemy shapes instantly) can be collected by accumulating points. You’ll want to pay special attention to score multipliers, which increases as the you collect “geoms” — small diamond-shaped green objects dropped by enemies upon destruction. You can download Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions from the NVIDIA SHIELD store for $9.99.

All the games direct Play Store links can be found in the widgets below and if you haven’t gotten the chance to lay your hands on a Shield TV yet then purchase one here!


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