SPMC (Kodi Lead Android Dev) Rises Again

SPMC Huh? I’ve heard of XBMC before are they similar? If that’s what’s running through your mind right now then you’re on the right trail. Let me clear some things up for you. SPMC is a Kodi (XBMC) fork from the lead Android dev on the Kodi team.

The developer, Chris Browet who is also known as Koying, left the team over differences in the direction the media app should be moving. The split came as to whether an Android TV box might be better than a generic Linux box. Koying has decided that Android TV devices, specifically the NVIDIA Shield TV, could provide a superior experience and wanted to add contributions to the project specifically for Android TV. As part of this split he is now maintaining a fork of the open source media player project Kodi.

The Semper Media Center (SPMC) should provide the same functionality as Kodi version 16, but additionally include native Android TV features. Some of the additional highlights in Koying’s latest release, version 16.1.1, include:

  • Android TV voice search and recommendations
  • HD audio passthrough
  • 4K GUI on Shield TV
  • Experimental Blu-Ray 3D ISO Playback


The interface still uses Kodi’s default Confluence skin, so SPMC is still relatively early in its development. Regardless, the beauty of open source software is how anyone is able to improve the code for a smaller set of users. SPMC will give you all the features of Kodi with even more features specifically for Android TV users. It’s still free, and it’s also available to download on Google Play.

If you haven’t downloaded Kodi yet, or even if you have, you should check out SPMC. It’s likely that more TV features will be added down the line. Imagine having live content played through Live Channels, and even using the built-in TV recording APIs.

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