VLC’s 2.0 Beta Adds Local Network Browsing And Lets You Use The Android TV Interface On Any Device


Good news for those of you who like to use non TV devices as TVs. VLC’s 2.0 beta release has just the treat for you! They’ve added an option to switch the VLC interface from phone/tablet to TV, true Android TV. Now you’re probably asking how’d they do this? Well they merged both apps into one so now instead of VLC for Android TV and regular VLC it’s all joined in one app.

Going to download it right this second? STOP! You’re going to be really disappointed if you don’t read the following on how to get access to the 2.0 version instead of the stable 1.7.5 out right now on the Play Store.


VLC has an active beta program (of which you can be a part by joining this Google+ community and then becoming a tester on the Play Store) and its latest beta release is version 1.9.0 which is actually a beta for version 2.0.0 ironically enough. The setting to enable the layout can be found in Setting > Interface > Android TV interface. Below are pictures of the user interface.

In addition to the new Android TV UI this version adds a couple of important features to VLC. First is the option to browse network storages from various protocols (UPnP, NFS, FTP, SFTP, smb, Windows Shares, and more). Next, when you find a network folder you’ll often check or when you visit a URL that you’ll likely need later, you can favorite them through a new title bar icon. Video playlists are also supported now, and there are changes to notifications and the history section. The official change log is below.

VLC on Android 2.0.0 Beta (1.9.0)

2.0 introduces a large number of features, notably network disk browsing (Windows shares, UPnP, NFS, FTP, SFTP…), favorite folders and URLs, video playlists, rewritten notifications and control and a rewritten history.

It is also a merge of Android TV and Android versions, so that every device can optionally get the Android TV interface. The TV interface has been improved quite a bit too.

Finally, it should be faster to decode and playback all video types.


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