Android TV Content Head Keynote Speaker at Streaming Media East

Video is increasingly moving online, where content creators have to wade through the complexities of online services and multiplatform applications in order to grow their viewer count. Although there are some benefits like reducing the barrier to entry for new creators, it places more stress on traditional cable networks where they now see more competition at a lower price. Cordcutting has become more common recently and companies like STARZ have had to build their own online infrastructure.

In order for all parties to better understand the new rules in the streaming media landscape, the Streaming Media East conference was formed. It’s revolved around the future of media and helps content creators find the tools they need to keep pace.

What will 2016 and beyond bring? Where is the industry headed? What are the hot, new tools and products? What strategies and best practices do you need to know?

The conference touts over a hundred industry speakers and forty different sessions for things like monetization, platforms, and transcoding, giving attendees the opportunity to network with others in the industry and get these questions answered.

Industry speakers and sponsors encompass a large range of the industry, from set-top boxes like Roku to cable companies like Verizon. Past speakers include Disney, Hulu, Facebook, and the Huffington Post. This conference is a big deal, and many companies are eager to learn how best to increase their audiences.

Serge Kassardjian
Serge Kassardjian – Global Head of Android/Play Media Apps and Android TV Content Partnerships

The keynote speaker this year is Serge Kassardjian, Global Head of Google Play apps and Android TV content partnerships. Google is a key player in the industry due to their streaming service YouTube, media store Google Play, and hardware devices Android TV. Serge’s role can give him an interesting perspective on how all three connect together to create a simple, cohesive experience for the viewer.

In his talk, Serge will share some of the trends that Google Play is seeing in content, innovation, discovery and business models. Attendees will also hear about Android TV and learn how consumer electronics devices, from cable boxes, to media players, to televisions, are expanding the total addressable market for video developers.

This conference is May 10-11 in New York City, about a week before Google I/O. It’s unlikely that there will be any new information announced about Android TV during the keynote, but getting more companies and developers interested in smart TVs should be beneficial in the long term.

Nick Felker

Nick Felker

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