Google Has Finally Launched The Android TV Remote Control App For iPhone

Android users know how useful the Android TV remote control app can be when you can’t find your gamepad or remote for your TV or just want to use your phone in bed to pause or change the show. Well as of today iOS users can finally enjoy that same pleasure as Google has just released it to the App Store. The user interface on Google’s latest iPhone app is pretty simple just like its Android counterpart, nearly identical, like it was ported. There are two methods of control: A D-pad with the traditional up, down, left, right and select buttons, or the touchpad which acts more like a laptop trackpad. Both modes of control also feature the voice commands mic, so that you can give commands verbally.

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However there is no gamepad support yet build into it, but we could see it soon since both platforms now have the app. In addition it’s also has a shortened name of “Android TV for iPhone” compared to Android TV Remote Control. So if you’ve been itching to control your NVIDIA SHIELD or new Sony 4k TV or even a Nexus Player with an iOS device then the day has finally arrived.

Android TV for iPhone is available to download for free in, has support for three dozen languages and is compatible with any iPhone, iPod or iPad running iOS 8 or later.

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