SoniCast Brings Google Cast to Hotels

People who are traveling can often find themselves at a loss for what to do at night. Do they go exploring the city, or watch something on TV? Often the TV in hotels are not very good, providing only a handful of channels and no access to apps like Netflix or Hulu. There’s a huge lack of choice.

There’s very few options. People are not able to bring their own devices like a ChromeCast to the hotel room. In order to use the Wi-Fi, visitors must go through a captive portal and enter authentication credentials, which does is not supported on ChromeCasts or Android TVs. These restrictions have made media watching increasingly more frustrating when people are used to the easy of casting media.

The company SONIFI Solutions has come up with a solution. SoniCast takes Google Cast and adds on additional layers of security.

SONIFI’s patent-pending technology ensures guests can only cast to the TV in their own room, guest mobile devices are automatically disconnected at checkout, and security features deter theft and tampering to ensure a positive guest experience.

SoniCast chart

SoniCast uses less energy and is cheaper to implement than a set-top box and keyboard, leveraging the devices and authentication credentials the user already has to save money.

Sonicast app

SONIFI is also working with companies to create a digital locker system, in which renting on-demand content gives digital ownership as well. Quick access to payment information and renting can be done through custom branded apps that SONIFI will provide to hotel chains.

SoniCast is a great system for consumers because it enables cast functionality in their TVs while isolating cast discovery to just a single room, which should provide the ideal casting experience for hotel guests. It currently is only present in about a dozen US hotels, but with this announcement, hopefully hotel owners will start to request demos and integrate this technology.

Nick Felker

Nick Felker

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