STARZ Consolidates Channels into Single Subscription Service

STARZ is a premium US channel that started in 1994 to show movies. Since its inception, the Starz Entertainment company has expanded to several different channels for those who want to watch a particular genre of movie such as comedy or family movies. This includes other channel sets such as Encore and MoviePlex.

As of last year, STARZ was subscribed to by over 20 million households in the US, an impressive number. They have also been aggressive in allowing subscribers to watch STARZ shows and movies anywhere they are with apps for Android TV and other platforms. These apps used the “TV Everywhere” system where users login with their cable company credentials in order to authenticate that they are legitimate subscribers.

However, it does appear like STARZ wants to expand their service to more users including the growing cordcutting audience. Following along with premium channels HBO and Showtime, STARZ is providing an OTT streaming service for anybody. Being able to watch content will no longer be tied to a cable provider.


The new STARZ app consolidates Encore, now branded STARZ Encore, and Movieplex so that users don’t have to figure out which show is available in which app.

A nifty additional feature is that users will be able to download videos so that they can be later played offline when you’re traveling. While this currently applies to just on-demand content, they’re not counting out live streams in the future.

Currently the new app is currently only available on Android phones and tablets. TV owners will still need to use the STARZ Play app with their cable provider. It stands to reason that their OTT service will expand to this platform and others over the coming months and the older apps will be deprecated. In the meantime, you can download the app for free on the Google Play Store on your phone. It replaces the mobile STARZ Play app so you may not have to download a new app. You will need to sign up for an $8.99 monthly subscription or use your cable provider credentials.

To help promote the new app, the second episode of their TV show Outlander will be available to watch 2 days earlier (April 7) than its cable premiere (April 9, 9pm EST).

Nick Felker

Nick Felker

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