Android TV Play Movies Gains Dolby Digital Plus Surround Sound In Latest Update


Google has announced on Twitter (through its Google Play account) that Play Movies on Android TV and Roku devices now support Dolby Digital Plus surround sound. Which is long overdue and much-requested feature. For those of you that don’t know much about Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby Digital Plus is a feature which looks to provide a cinema-like level of audio playback with no additional hardware or software needed.

Being the platform’s main way of rentals this will significantly boost the audio quality of those rentals every so often or even bought movies if any of you do so. Slowly Android TV is coming together to be the central hub of all things media with all the bells and whistles.  If you want to see how the sound is improved for yourself, head to Play Movies on your Android TV or Roku device.

Source: Twitter

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  • Richard Branches

    This was officially announced in google forums on april 21th 2016 where many people including me, were discussing why google had to choose HE-AAC codec instead of the widely used dolby digital codec for its movies, they realised they had to switch over to dolby digital plus instead for better compatibility with current devices that natively support it and to avoid more issues people had with HE-AAC. the picture on this post displays the type of audio used in the movie with HE-AAC codec in english(stereo, 5.1 surround) while with dolby digital plus the audio description shows the language followed by the type of channels, if certain language is in stereo then it will appears alone, for example the movie Final Destination 2 supports all of this: Czech (5.1 Surround), English (5.1 Surround), Spanish (5.1 Surround), French (5.1 Surround), Hungarian (5.1 Surround), Portuguese (Brasil), Russian (5.1 Surround). What google did in the update is to include dolby digital plus decoder and also a transcoder to convert HE-AAC into dolby digital on-the-fly for the current movies using HE-AAC. The movies I found to be updated are: Cats and dogs, Sweeney Todd, He’s not that into you and Elf with more incoming.

    • Pedro Verdugo

      Yeah for me surround movies always said PCM 5.1 on the receiver, quality was already good, wasn’t expecting this to boost the quality but it is nice for those with compatibility problems.