Plex For Android v4.25.0.581 Update Rolling Out Now

Plex:”Your Media On All Your Devices” it’s the software that just keeps on giving especially for those of us who use it a lot like myself. For those of you haven’t used or heard of Plex it’s media center software on both the server and client side of things with extensive platform support across nearly every modern platform including multiple client side options for Windows users. And ironically enough the devs (who are phenomenal at what they do by the way) came from the XBMC project originally to build Plex, and I’m thankful for that because Plex is a cordcutters wet dream.


Onto the review of the latest update, brings to us many fixes and new things as well as Android TV specific features and fixes. So let’s start with the bug fixes first because there’s quite a few.

– Make sure “subscribe” and “activate” buttons can’t be clicked if billing is not available on device.
– Fix issue where some sections were failing handling device orientation changes.
– Fix issue where remote play queues were showing wrong information after a shuffle event.
– Fix issue where ‘play all’ and ‘shuffle’ options would sometimes be missing from nested photo albums.
– Fix issue that was crashing the app after going back to the home screen.
– Improve error message when Plex Mix is not available for the selected track.
– Fix a couple of small issues in the way photo libraries were selected for Camera Upload.
– Fix bug where toolbar could be clicked inside photo albums and doing so would crash the app.
– Don’t show useless disabled “Sync” action when browsing channel items.
– Make sure the app doesn’t crash if audio playback finishes while in the background.
– Fix bug where the app could sometimes play the wrong version of a file when several were available.
– Fix problem where app might crash when playing content from mobile/cloud servers or from channels.
– Fix bug where incorrect photo would be saved or shared in photo viewer.
– [Android TV] Fix play queue generation when a playlist item is selected.
– [Android TV] Use better color for buttons bar background in preplay screens.
– [AirPlay] Don’t display unsupported devices (e.g. AirTunes based devices).

Now most of these are non-platform specific unless noted otherwise as we see with 2 Android TV fixes. The first one fixes issues with Queue, making sure when you choose your playlist you get it exactly how it is and not all scrambled because that’s just asking for trouble. The second changes colors for button before starting your movie or show.

– Support for embedded PGS/VobSub subtitles when MKVs are Direct Played.
– Several improvements to the way the app displays announcements.
– Display upload progress inside the Camera Upload screen.
– Update appearance of Friends screen.
– [Android TV] Don’t block application launch if no reachable servers found.
– [Android TV] Add preference to show additional video information during playback.
– [Android TV] Show progress on video player when loading a video.

The new section is a lot shorter but adds some subtle tweaks that add to the experience. Support for embedded subtitles on MKV is a huge thing for those people who love subtitles or anime. The next three aren’t related to Android TV specifically but the last three are and unique to it. The choice to not block the app if it can’t find any servers is good news because I can’t tell you the number of times something small like that caused issues. Next, we have a preference for extra video info during playback which means video metadata! Last is progress on the video player which by my understanding amounts to something like what you’d see on the home screen when selecting media.



Source: Plex Fourms



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