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PR8, the cute robot, will guide you in a fun and entertaining way in the unique universe of AfterLoop. Solve a wide range of puzzles with an incredible variety of challenges in the middle of a mysterious forest, escape from an arid desert, melt your brain in a shimmering ice cave. Open new paths towards answers and get closer to the exit.

However, PR8 has a long adventure that awaits him. It’s time to discover what’s after the loop!

Selected for Google Play’s Indie Corner 2016 eXiin‘s AfterLoop was sure to be a blast and from the screenshots seen on the Game’s page I had high expectations going into it.

Game Play

Something we all want in a good game is the way it plays. Yeah it may look nice or have an awesome soundtrack or story but without game play it’s only as good as a movie and that’s not what we play games for, we play for the complete experience. AfterLoop excels in pulling you in right away without too much setup time. On the first load you’ll be asked to connect your Google Play Games account for saving and achievements. Then you’ll be thrown in because the game is always running and the menu is just an overlay which eliminates the horrid loading screen and allows the user to play right away which provides for a more smooth experience.


Colorful Puzzles To Make You Think

Now when you’re playing the controls are simple to pick up as you navigate from puzzle to puzzle the only real challenge here is the puzzles themselves. Each time you approach one you’re given 3 stars to collect and you’re suppose to be able to continue on your path. Now some levels have multiple solutions and some have one way and if you’re a perfectionist like I am then you’ll soon realize it’s not all about just getting by but to perfect each and every level before continuing onto the next one. To do that though you’ll have to pull up the overlay menu because you can’t travel back on the map from where you came, but if that’s the least of your worries then I’d say you’re pretty good. In addition to the smooth gameplay and bright colors you can choose from multiple robots that you unlock by progressing through the game as seen in the picture above.


Rating & Final Thoughts

AfterLoop gets a 8 out of 10 because while it’s a good game and made based around Android TV it has a few small navigation issues that could fully smooth out the flow of the game. But when the game is played it’s endless fun, makes you think a bit and you can get lost in the visuals, which is something I look for in a game when I’m couch gaming.

AfterLoop is free on the Play Store and available for all Android devices big and small and can be downloaded by clicking the widget below. Enjoy!


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