Vudu for Android TV “In Progress”

Vudu is an app that’s perfect for TV. The WalMart owned company lets users buy movies online and watch them on any of their devices. That is, almost any device. They haven’t had support for Android TV, a platform that revolves around watching movies and TV shows. They do have cast support in the app, which allows you to watch stuff on a TV, but some users have been asking for more. In this post on their forums, one of the engineers, Jake, chimes in with a response.

I have actually posted before on this… Shield support is in progress. I can’t give an exact date but my *estimate* would be within the next couple months. In fact Nvidia is helping with a lot of custom work to integrate with Android TV features and I’m looking forward to it!

NVIDIA has an interest in seeing more apps support TV, especially big names like Vudu, and so it makes some sense that they are offering help. The estimated delivery date, next couple months, is rather vague, although they’re probably trying to support a lot of DRM (digital rights management) to prevent piracy as well as support UHD (ultra-high definition) media. As the Shield and many Android TV sets support UHD, that can be a big selling point to consumers when the app is ready.

Admittedly VUDU UHD is still limited – we will support devices as they meet the mandated studio security/DRM requirements and the dev work is completed.

Although Jake’s estimate is broad at first, he does affirm later on that “Android TV is also a priority.” So expect to see this app in your TV’s Play Store soon.

Nick Felker

Nick Felker

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