Android TV Adds Netflix To Apps That Support Universal Search

One of the last major players to hold out  on using universal search was Netflix but as of today confirmed by the Android Twitter account that’s changed and the long standing complaint is no more, users will finally be able to search Netflix’s catalog from Android TV’s universal search.


Since the debut of the platform, this had been the one crutch hurting it badly because the absence is especially strange as Apple and Roku’s streaming devices had similar capabilities out of the box. In the screenshot, you see it in action searching a Netflix show brings up a card with a cover image, description, and link to open the app. The background is filled with a picture from the show, while scrolling down shows the cast list. This interface is brought up when searching from anywhere in Android TV.

As of now we’re unsure of if it’s a server-side switch or an app update but I’m going to guess the later or a bit of both. This is much-needed new after Google announced many first time Android TV partners, as well as new models from existing companies, like Sony. Many of the televisions are beginning to hit the market, including an affordable 4K set from RCA. During Google I/O, Xiaomi announced a slim 4K streaming box that will likely also be affordable and possibly available to the US market. Lastly will we see a new banner with the new logo with the next update?

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