Crazy Theory: Amazon Video Is Coming To Nvidia Shield

With a recent structure change to the way that Google will handle its payouts, it is very likely that Android as a whole will be getting it, because according to Amazon that issue was the sole hold up. On the German NVIDIA SHIELD page the rep on the verified channel said for a user to “have a little patience” on when it would be released, so that shows something is in the pipeline as Sony’s Android TVs must have had an exclusive contract with Amazon for about (12 in Europe (Phillips)) 16th months which would put it at about June 2016. This could coincide with the massive 3.2 release that has a lot planned already. After Netflix caving in to pick up universal search, Spotify doing the same and having an app released at I/O is this finally the day we’ll get to see Amazon leave hold out town and join the others? I know our own Brian Stein would be ecstatic. Amazon more than ever should be making sure they get their content to all 4k devices so they can promote their content. Let’s hope this is true and we soon see Amazon make its way down to the ever-expanding Play Store.

Anthony Garera

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