[Game Highlights] Minecraft: Pocket Edition

Although Minecraft: Pocket Edition doesn’t have support for a TV banner, it does have great support for gamepads. So, it’s possible for someone to use the Play Store on the web to purchase and download the game to your Android TV. You can see this in the video below.


Minecraft Death by Fire
By default you can create your own world with a free local world to control or go through survival mode, where things can be pretty dangerous. Lava can burn you to death, water can drown you, and at night there are plenty of dangerous threats. While surviving, you try to build up your own world using simple blocks.


Minecraft Logged out of server
Servers are the real key, where you can play in a world with your friends. You can collaboratively create or destroy a whole world. There are plenty of examples of amazing things that people have done, and this is what has made the game so popular online. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work out too well.

Several popular servers I tried to connect to didn’t work. I was stuck in place, jumping back to the original spawn point and orientation every second or so. I don’t think this was respawning. After about a minute, I would be kicked out with an error similar to the one above. I didn’t log in. I tried to do it, but there didn’t seem to be an option to set a name. Unfortunately it seems like this feature isn’t readily available on a TV.


Minecraft Xbox login
If you have a Microsoft or Xbox account, you can login and get some extra features. You can get achievements and those will be synced across all devices with a Microsoft account. If any of your Facebook friends are playing, you can connect with them in Minecraft Realms, which is a sort of multiplayer experience for small groups. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any friends [to play Minecraft with].


If you don’t mind single player, you can buy the game through the web and download it to your NVIDIA Shield or other Android TV.

Nick Felker

Nick Felker

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