Plex Media Server Arrives On NVIDIA SHIELD TV

Huge news from Plex today announced an upcoming partnership with the NVIDIA. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Plex, it is a powerful media organizer and server.  I have personally been using Plex for years. My setup has all of my media stored on a modest computer in the basement that acts as a server. I can access that media from any device that supports a Plex client (which is to say almost any!). A Plex client has been available on Android TV for some time now and has quickly become my favorite way to access Plex. The full Plex Media Server until now had to be installed on a computer or NAS. This made sense because this is typically where all your videos, picture and music are stored anyways. It wouldn’t make much sense to have a server on a Roku player.

But the NVIDIA SHIELD TV is set to change all that, being dubbed “The first all-in-one Plex box you can get.” With the 3.2 SHIELD experience software update coming at the end of this month, a Plex Media Server and Player will come pre-installed on all SHIELD TVs. This allows the SHIELD TV to leverage it’s 500GB storage (for the PRO, expandable storage is also supported for those with 16 gigs) and blazing fast Tegra X1 processor to serve up media straight from the box. This is quite impressive. One aspect that sets Plex apart is its ability to transcode media on the fly to something compatible on the client device. This feature can require a bit of processing power, so a decent plex server can easily cost a few hundred dollars. It is being reported that the X1 would be able to serve up multiple 1080p simultaneous streams. This is impressive if true. For $180 this could very well be the new de facto entry level Plex server of choice.

What adds to the excitement is the separate news of Android TV (as well as HDHomeRun) working on DVR capabilities. If the SHIELD TV were able to record live TV, and then have the ability to serve that media to you wherever you may be via Plex… this could be a game changer. I know the SHIELD TV was created and marketed to be a low cost gaming rig, but it is quickly morphing into a cord-cutter’s dream box. One thing is for sure, the constant support and updates from NVIDIA has kept all SHIELD TV owners very happy!


You can read more straight from the sources HERE and HERE!

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