YouTube at VidCon: Comment Moderators, Copyright Disputes, Creator Hub

YouTube has risen to success thanks to the hard work of thousands of individual filmmakers who create all kinds of novel entertainment. This year at VidCon, a conference for online video creators, they are announcing some new features that should greatly benefit creators and encourage more people to start creating content.

YouTube for Creators

There’s now a benefits program that YouTube is introducing. Channels are able to gain more benefits depending on how many subscribers they have.

  • Granite (1+ Subscribers) – Analytics tool Creator Studio, access to Creator Academy for tips and advice, and support
  • Opal (1000+ Subscribers) – Creator Days & local meet-ups, workshops at YouTube Spaces
  • Bronze (10k+ Subscribers) – Shoot at YouTube Spaces, channel consultation, become an “ambassador”, enter YouTube Nextup
  • Silver, Gold, Diamond (100k+ Subscribers) – Personal partner manager, get a physical Play button

Comment Controls

YouTube comments are not always useful to read, and it makes sense that you want to moderate the comments on your videos to encourage constructive conversations. This can be difficult as you grow bigger because there are just that many more comments to read. Now comment moderation can be delegated to trusted users so you can have more help.

Better Account Penalty Policies

The current content ID and penalty system is fairly rigid, meaning a small mistake by the user or content ID can lead to the video or channel being removed. Additionally, users may end up losing money because they aren’t allowed to earn revenue during the dispute process. Changing the revenue model for disputed videos is coming soon to YouTube partners.

The penalty system can also be fairly strict. YouTube is looking at how to make a better system of strikes and penalties that are more fair and forgiving of small mistakes. You can read more about their current state Internet Creators Guild. That means more great content for everyone else to watch.

Nick Felker

Nick Felker

Nick Felker is a student Electrical & Computer Engineering student at Rowan University (C/O 2017) and the student IEEE webmaster. When he's not studying, he is a software developer for the web and Android (Felker Tech). He has several open source projects on GitHub ( Devices: Moto G-2013 Moto G-2015, Moto 360, Google ADT-1, Nexus 7-2013 (x2), Lenovo Laptop, Custom Desktop. Although he was an intern at Google, the content of this blog is entirely independent and his own thoughts.

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