[APP Request] Nest (Google), Please Release an Android TV App!

We all have apps that we would like to see make their way to Android TV. Some just need to be sideloaded to be enjoyed (more on that later), while others could use a developer’s touch to bring a proper TV experience. although I wish all apps functioned properly on Android TV, the purpose of this series is to bring attention to specific apps that ┬ábelong in the living room and could really use the big screen treatment. Along with the article, I will be reaching out to developers and will update the article if there is any response. In the comments, please leave suggestions of your own APP Requests! However, for now I will be talking about…


The Nest App

To be honest, I am kinda shocked that this doesn’t exist already. Nest is Google’s arm of household devices. Right now, the Android Nest App can control the Nest Thermostat, Nest Cams (or Dropcams), the Nest Protect Smoke Alarm, and a handful of other devices that “work with Nest.” With Android TV being the main interface of your home, it would make a bit of sense to allow it to control your home’s devices. Even when Google Home drops, I still feel that Android TV will be your main visual hub.

Nest_20160717_164922I cannot imagine the app would take much work, in fact, a sideloaded version works well enough for the basics. As you can see, you can set your thermostat, test your alarms, and even stream from your Nest Cam. Awesome. But a sideloaded app won’t show up on your home launcher (yet) and it can be so much more useful if properly tuned.


With Nougat coming out, Android TV will be able to handle Picture In Picture. Google, this would be a perfect app to showcase this capability. Personally, I use a Dropcam as a baby monitor. Currently, we have a dedicated Nexus 7 that it streams to in the living room. However, I am watching the TV anyways, so I would love to be able to the baby in the corner of the screen. My wife says that I will one day write a book called “Lazy Parenting 101″… This app could have it’s own chapter! But still if you use your Nest Cam to watch your front door and are expecting company, it would be pretty cool to quickly keep tabs on it while you watch TV. I would also like to see Thermostat functionality make its way into the universal voice search.

Nest Mock

So what do you say Nest? You know I am right! Let’s see this become reality!

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