MTV Joins Android TV’s Roster In The Play Store

After Nickelodeon TV launched last week, we have another Viacom company has joined Android TV, and it’s none other than MTV themselves. With a similar layout to Nickelodeon’s App expect much of the same navigation but instead of orange, you’re greeted with a more eye please black and gold, so it doesn’t destroy your eyes at night.

As you can see in the screenshots, it’s a pretty standard Leanback layout so one can tell where everything is and to answer the question yes you need a login for full episodes as it is a cable channel but other things like the news is fine. Unlike Nickelodeon’s app the video player is the standard Leanback one, so it looks pleasant following the design language. In addition to this yes MTV does support universal search but only in app as compared to system wide like Nickelodeon┬áso you can search and get results with a click of a button(in app) instead of navigating through all these menus if that’s your fancy.

If you’re ready to kick back and watch some shows, then download below and tell it to start downloading on your TV, so it’s there when you get there. Enjoy!

Anthony Garera

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