Nickelodeon Comes To Android TV

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Kids, parents and nostalgic 90’s kids get ready because Nickelodeon is now an Android TV app! With plenty of content, you or your children will be entertained for hours on end. Now to answer this before we get any further yes you need a provider login to access full episodes. Of course, that’s the case as you can see the above screenshot with locks and the below with a setting, and then everyone’s favorite an activation code which well still requires me to pull out my phone it’s a lot less tedious than logging in with my credentials on a TV.

As for the UI, I like it and how they stuck to the Leanback(ish)UI but branded it so you know it’s Nickelodeon right away by their signature orange and font. Now just by looking at the app it seems barebones, but I assure you it’s not because unlike more TV Everywhere apps it supports universal search out of the box so when your kids want Spongebob that’s what you’ll get. As for the Video player, it appears to be custom as opposed to Android TV’s default one so a bit of an odd choice there but it’s just controls, right? Last I found one key feature missing and most of you can probably guess what that is, yes as of now no Live Channels support even though they control the stream of what would be on there. Hopefully, in the future, they would add this as an option because I see it being useful for super young kids who just want to watch and not navigate every time an episode ends. Thankfully when doing some testing, I saw the videos will autoplay to the next in list which is something, but I’d prefer Live Channels. Click below to download Nickelodeon For Android TV.


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