Plex’s Latest Update Brings A New Look and Many Fixes

A cord cutter’s favorite Plex is always looking to improve the experience for all users on all of their platforms. Their latest update is to Android and Android TV. Here’s what was said in the change log.

Plex for Android v4.28.0.196

Plex for Android Google Play download page

Plex for Android APK ~ here (Plex Pass required)

Will be available on the Amazon App Store soon

Note: We are performing a staged rollout, which means that the update may take several hours until it’s available

– [Android TV] Lots of tweaks to the application look and feel.
– Display warning dialog when starting to play content through a relayed connection.
– Audio playback can now be controlled with a single-button headset (1 press for ‘play/pause’, 2 for ‘next’, 3 for ‘previous’).
– Tweaks to card titles and subtitles to make them more useful and also more consistent with other Plex clients.
– Add support for remuxing HEVC video using Plex Media Server v1.0.0.0 and above.
– New Audio Player design for mobile/tablet.
– Small tweaks to mini-player appearance.
– Always show ‘stop’ button in mini-player, regardless of orientation or screen size.

– Multiple improvements on Locations picker.
– Improve photo viewer zoom functionality.
– Fix bug where the app could crash trying to play certain items.
– Fix issue preventing seeking within some videos.
– Storage permission no longer required for ‘Advanced > Privacy > Email device logs’ option.
– Do a better job at dealing with problems querying if user owns Google Play in-app product.
– Resolve issue preventing browsing of photo channels.
– Now including 3gp files in ‘Videos’ section of local server.
– Make Camera Upload more efficient.
– Fix issue preventing browsing of photos from Hubs.
– [Generic TV] Fix bug in where main menu would not open on Android N.
– [Android TV] Fix for bug where global search would fail on Android 5 until app had been initialized.
– [Android TV] Fix bug where the application could crash when opening or resuming the home screen.
– [Android TV] Fix occasional crash when app resumed after having been in the background for a while.
– [Android TV] Fix issue browsing channels where no results were displayed.
– [Android TV] Hide current time display in Photo player.
– [Android TV] Improve USB/Bluetooth keyboard handling when modifying text based preferences.
– [SHIELD] Allow the Plex app to start even if Plex Media Server is disabled.
– [SHIELD] Disable audio passthrough when headphones are connected to remote or controller.

As you can see there’s quite a lot for Android TV specifically on top of the general fixes and a SHIELD specific one about Plex Media Server I actually experienced this past week so I’m happy to see a fix.

Now in the New section we haveĀ “Lots of tweaks to the application look and feel” and they definitely did such as you can see in the screenshots below.

Plex TV
Old Interface

For Comparison you can see a picture of the old interface, and while some things are better, I did enjoy seeing all my movies and TV shows instead of a generic Movie & TV card. Also, there’s no background change anymore till you select a show and instead of being transparent the slide out bar is now grey to fix the Plex color scheme better. Other small tweaks are the wording when choosing if PMS will run or not in the settings and both the movie and TV tab you can manually update the library instead of exiting and reentering to update which is always useful because it saves time.

As stated this is a staged rollout, and you may have got it or haven’t got it already and let us know your opinions in the comments below.

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