PSA: Latest Google App For Android TV Update Breaks Voice

UPDATE: Sascha Prüter responded with the following statement “So it looks like some accessories are not properly reporting the microphone. We are pushing out a new Search version where we disabled the new detection on Android M devices and will work with OEMs to fix this behavior in parallel so we can enable this at a later point in time again.”

Today Google released an update to their search app built into Android TV. In the update, there was nothing noticeable till G+ user Kyle Salewski alerted us that it appears to have broken universal search, at least on SHIELD devices from what we can tell but I’ll assume it extends to all Android TV devices. Instead of bringing up the search bar with voice results being shown as you speak you get a keyboard prompt and the on-screen keyboard appears.


So hopefully a fix is pushed out quickly to remedy this problem because it’s compromising one of the most convenient features of Android TV. If you do need it till a fix is pushed there is a workaround. Uninstalling updates will put it back into a working state but then breaks the manual keyboard input (to the left of the mic) on the Leanback launcher home screen. Also if you like to use the Android TV Remote App, it’s broke through there as well. Now if you’re doing a search in an app it appears to be fine for now so don’t panic too much as big G didn’t let an intern botch this update too badly. (Kidding)

— When an update is posted this article will update accordingly.


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