PuppetMaster.TV Adds Live Channels Support

PuppetMaster.TV, the app trying to take on Kodi, has just received a recent update that further separates it and takes more advantage of Android TV’s unique feature set. Now, live streams from puppets (this app’s name for plugins) will show up in the Live Channels app as a source, allowing users to add them and watch this stream in either app.

Puppetmaster.tv Live Channels EPG

This experience works fairly well, with support for time shifting in addition to just streaming content live. This is because the developers have integrated my Live Channels library ChannelSurfer which takes away all the hard work. There is not support for on-demand video in Live Channels, which is a bit more niche, but just being able to stream live content is cool.

Puppetmaster.tv live channels

Users may need to delete and install puppets again in order for the channels to appear correctly due to the current update mechanism. You may initially see that no channels are available. If so, you just need to do that in the Puppetmaster.tv app and the channels will appear exactly as expected.

PuppetMaster is free to download on Google Play.

Puppetmaster.tv live channels play controls

Nick Felker

Nick Felker

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  • josuearisty

    What do I have to do to add these channels to puppetmaster? Will these channels come inside the app or any addon?

    • Matt Lane

      When you install the app you can choose to install all of the puppets at once. Do this and then remove the ones you don’t want. There is an area where you can add and remove them. In addition you can install custom puppets that are located on pastebin. I have found a few on Reddit and we discuss this app a lot on the G+ android tv community.

      • josuearisty

        Thanks! I installed before but I didnt find useful for me by that time.

        Can you tell some of the best addons right now for pm?

        Is there any addon where I can use a regex for vaunghlive?

        • Matt Lane

          I am unsure if that is possible. The one I am using now is actually a custom puppet for Tubi.tv lots of movies on that. You have to add it manually. i am also trying to get the developer to add it as a default puppet. However if you are interested here is the pastebin code to use……kpvqdw2b

    • PuppetMaster.TV lets you install these puppets, some include channels. There are some included in the app, but you can install others through a pastebin link.