XDA Forum Member Swaps NVIDIA Shield Hard Drive for SSD

NVIDIA has two versions of their powerful Shield Android TV. You can go for the cheaper model, which has a 16 GB SSD, or the “Pro” model which has a 500 GB hard drive. The choice was slightly more important before Android Marshmallow made it easier to merge internal and external storage, although there’s an advantage to having a high capacity drive included in your device.

A big downside is around speed. A spinning drive may be able to store more data, but it’s slower to access it than a solid state drive (SSD). If you enjoy watching lots of ultra high definition video or playing many games, there’s definitely an advantage to getting a device with a larger capacity than 16 GB. This led XDA Forums member Tilator to wonder if there was a way to get the best of both worlds.

Using a Samsung SSD, which can have capacities of 500 GB or up to 4 TB, this member was able to replace his Shield TV’s hard drive.

The details on how it was done are relatively undescriptive.

You have to also know how to open the device, how to take old disk out and how to put new to replace it.

It’s hardly a dead simple guide, although this really only something you should do if you know what you’re doing. The hard drive has a SATA connection, which makes it easy to replace, although it isn’t necessarily straightforward to open the casing without damaging the hardware.

The new SSD does need to be prepared ahead of insertion with some specific binary software that is provided. It should be noted that if you try this, your mileage may vary. Users have been saying that some some drives don’t work and they’re continuing to investigate how this all works in that thread. Have you made the switch? Let us know in the comments below.

Nick Felker

Nick Felker

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