GeForce Now Adds ABZÛ And The Assembly To Their Library

Another week, another game(s) and this week there’s 2 games that for not hear much about them I’m pretty intrigued after reading into them. Now yes both of them are separate from your GeForce Now membership but for the low price and the amount of value you you’re getting I’d say it’s worth it. Anyway, on to the games.


ABZÛ is a beautifully crafted underwater adventure game with over 10,000 fish and realistic behavior so much so that it’d satisfies everyone who wanted Fish Simulator 2016. If you watched the dev diary above you’ll have heard how much detail went into this game. Now for all this detail the story is pretty open and non detailed.  ABZÛ” is derived from the oldest of mythologies: AB means “water” and ZÛ means “to know”. ABZÛ drops you into its waters without pretense – you are nameless and there is no traditional story – no narration or text to read.


As is the trend of late open world games with massive time-consuming(more than you have) worlds such as Elite:Dangerous, No Man’s Sky, ABZÛ is one of those rare titles that hardcore gamers will try for a moment, perhaps expecting to be underwhelmed, only to find themselves still playing hours later; and that “non-gamers” will feel compelled to try with the same result. As you play, this simulation game just continues to become more and more resplendent, rewarding you for your progress with increasingly more ornate visuals. However, it’s not all about peaceful exploration: There are some puzzles to find and solve and a few dangers lurking about.

The Assembly

This game is a first-person interactive drama in which you decide the outcome. Originally the game was built with VR in mind but thankfully for us non Vive and Oculus owners the SHIELD devices have come to save the day with a non VR version, but as the usual courteous a steam key is included incase you’re a VR owner and have a SHIELD too.


What did I just watch?  Let me break it down for you incase you were confused. The Assembly is a mysterious organization that has been conducting secret experiments underground. Outside of the scrutiny of the government and free from society’s morals, it has been able to make astonishing scientific breakthroughs. But this success comes at a price, however. Two paths in the game allow you to explore The Assembly as one of two different individuals – newcomer Madeleine Stone and veteran Assembly researcher Cal Pearson. Each protagonist has their own motivations and will lead you down different paths, and to different conclusions in this Utopian world. Pick up your controller and find out!


Both Games are live now in the GeForce Store and The Assembly is $19.99 and ABZÛ is at a special introductory price of $15.59 till August 16th then it will go to $19.99. Both comes with a Steam Key for when your internet isn’t on your side or when you wanna play some VR. If you haven’t already pick up a SHIELD TV today and stop missing out on all the great games.

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