Google Cast Is Now Built-In To Chrome

Google Cast has come a long way since it was first revealed a little more than 3 (2 as an extension) years ago. From being a low price stick of magic for the big services like Netflix, Plex, Hulu and HBO it’s grown a lot. Since then the following has been launched new Cast devices like Chromecast Audio and partnering with other manufacturers to make Cast-enabled TVs and speakers. And according to Google most streams are now in HD over SD. The stats in the past month alone is mind boggling 38 million times a cast has been started from Chrome. Now as of this week it’s officially built into Chrome with no install or configure required. You’ll see the cast icon appear on sites that integrate Cast (Ex: Netflix, YouTube, Hulu), If you have a site and you want to add support see the dev docs here.

Integrated Example


You can also view websites that are not integrated with Cast on your TV by selecting the “Cast…” menu item from the Chrome menu as seen below.

Menu Cast

Lastly yes this mean you can have Hangouts on the big screen(cough..cough..finally) and Cast For Education. Cast away everyone!

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  • Brian Stannius

    what is more important to me is the other way around. from a tablet or whatever, directly to google chrome on win 10

    • Magister

      Yeah. Why don’t they support this?