PuppetMaster.TV Gets More Content, VPN, and PiP in 2.0 Release

Update: It seems like the app has recently been suspended. While the developers appeal, you can download the app directly and sideload it.

The media curation app PuppetMaster.TV has quickly been improving with bug fixes and new media sources. Recently the developers have made a large jump to version 2.0 which brings those things, but also a number of new features. Let’s dive in!

New Content

There are a number of new places to get content from, such as BBC, How Stuff Works, and Al Jazeera. They have large libraries of content including both on-demand and live content.

The BBC puppet includes the BBC radio stations
The BBC puppet includes the BBC radio stations

This greatly increases the global selection of content for viewers. However, a lot of content is geoblocked, the practice where content is restricted based on your country. A common way to access restricted content is through a VPN (virtual private network), which allows your device to make connections to servers as though it was in a different country.

Teleport – Built-in VPN

BBC content is not viewable in the US
BBC content is not viewable in the US

One of the new features is Teleport, which activates the new, built-in VPN and let users browse content without having these content restrictions. It’s a really useful way for users to be able to access content even if they’re temporarily in another country.

PuppetMaster.TV IAP
This service is not free. Users will be able to pay a $5 monthly subscription, which can be done through Google Play, in order to use this Teleport feature. You have a 7-day free trial in order to try it out. If you don’t think it’s useful, you can easily end the subscription during the trial period without being charged.

There is currently a bug on Android TV that prevents the app from seamlessly activating Teleport. In fact, it seems to occur for any in-app subscription on Android TV.

I have come across a bug that only occurs on Android TV when you purchase an in-app subscription, after leaving the successful subscription screen and returning to your app, getPurchases is empty.

I know that the subscription is successful because if you exit the app, open the Google Play Store app, return to your app it correctly deals with the purchase. Outside of this action though you just get sent back to the same Google Play screen saying you already own this subscription.

It must be that the leanback activity dealing with a successful subscription purchase is not broadcasting the correct onsuccess event and opening Google Play seems to update the active subscriptions.

From a Google+ Thread

The issue has been added to the public Android issue tracker. If you visit that link and star it, it will be marked as a higher priority so it can be fixed sooner.


Photo credit to Royland Williamson
Photo credit to Royland Williamson on Google+

Did you get Nougat on your Android TV? If so, you can use the new picture-in-picture feature that has been added. This will allow you to continue watching content as you browse or even open other apps. It uses the new picture-in-picture APIs that were added to Android TV in Nougat.

PuppetMaster.TV is free to download on Google Play.

Nick Felker

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