CBS’s Streaming Service All Access Debuts A $10 Per Month Ad-Free Tier

For those who like CBS’s shows there’s All Access which sounds like you should have the best experience possible right? Well, kinda up until now it wasn’t. $5.99 still came with ads but you got access to the backlog, but ads! This week they’ve added the $9.99 or the $10 tier with finally no advertisements in exchange for an extra $4 a month.

Ironically this coincides with the network pinning its hopes on “Star Trek” Discovery”to bring in viewers to its floundering Netflix competitor because right now Netflix is crushing the competition and studies and surveys have shown people will pay for no ads so i’m honestly at a lost on what took them so long to do it. They seems to have followed in Hulu’s footsteps and i’ll tell you how.

For example, one of its most popular programs “The Big Bang Theory” only offers the past 7 episodes to paying subscribers. “Person of Interest” only offers 7, as well. Meanwhile, other shows are available from episode one and onward, while others, still, only offer clips. It’s a confusing assortment, largely designed for “catch-up” viewing, not where you can binge watch a series from start to finish. Again, this seems like CBS is out of touch with what viewers want. In addition, CBS says “select on-demand shows will include promotional interruptions,” meaning CBS has sold the on-demand subscription rights to those shows elsewhere. These promos will be limited to 15 secs, and no more than 30 secs in total per half-hour. They also affect less than 10% of total episodes on the service and less than 20% of shows.

The streaming service, which now has 1 million subscribers, is available on iOS, Android, Windows 10, Roku, Apple TV, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, Chromecast, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick, with more platforms on the horizon.

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