Hotlap Heroes Races On To The NVIDIA SHIELD TV

Fasten your seatbelt, start your engines and invite your friends coming out today full speed ahead is a fun over the top game from Team Pea called “Hotlap Heroes”. So basically, Hotlap Heroes is a 3D, local multiplayer cross between Super Off Road and RC Pro-Am. Now to the average person this may seem like not a big deal but the features this game supports easily helps it stand out. Couch co-op is making a comeback, the game supports local multiplayer that will have players screaming, shouting and battling it out against one another.

The game is very pick up and play friendly but also caters to the hardcore players wanting a challenge. Up to 8 people can play in the same local session which is a plus for when you’ve got more than 4 people wanting to play. So you ask what if I don’t have that many controllers? Don’t worry we’re both in the same boat on that one and if I learned something over the past year it’s that if you make a game and people can use their phones it’s a lot easier to have them try it or want to come back and play again. Thankfully the developers over at Team Pea thought of this and so we have this beauty of an app. To please the consumer even more they thought about the scenario of when someone wants to drop out because they’re leaving or they just came over and want to pick up and join in by adding dynamic add/drop in races using the SHIELD controller or their own iOS/Android remote app.

The size of the app comes in at about 51MB which is small for the colorful graphics you’ll get and remember it’s not Riptide so don’t hold it to that level. The price of this party racing game is a very reasonable $3.99 in my opinion because 1 developers gotta eat somehow and 2 you’re going to get your value out of it, an hour a dollar is the rule I follow and I can easily see myself spending 4 hours either solo or with a couple of buddies having fun because up until recently couch co-op was a dying breed. Enjoy the Screenshots below and remember you can always try it and Google has a refund window so don’t knock it till you try it!




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