Kingdom: New Lands – A Simulation Game Comes To NVIDIA SHIELD

This edition is a newly revamped and a featured-packed edition of the critically-acclaimed kingdom-building simulation game that was originally created by just two indie developers, Thomas “noio” van den Berg and Marco “Licorice” Bancala. This game is rendered with the highest pixel quality so enjoy the throw back graphics revamped. Kingdom: New Lands casts players as a monarch who must explore the lands surrounding their kingdom while gathering as many coins they come across as possible. Coins are used for a variety of purposes that all contribute to the growth and strength of your kingdom including hiring soldiers, constructing defenses, and expanding your kingdom further. The real challenge is that you don’t have any tutorials and they just throw you in the fire to learn, which is fine by me but it won’t be easy by any means. With this special edition Kingdom: New Lands strategy game boasts a variety of new in-game elements, secrets, gameplay features, and design improvements created with the help of player feedback from Kingdom’s passionate community of fans. The developer has even created a new end game for players to partake in.

If you own an NVIDIA SHIELD, Kingdom: New Lands will be available to download via Google Play for $6.99 once its live UPDATE IT’S LIVE. If you aren’t already a proud SHIELD owner, you can change that with a couple of clicks and buy one.

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