Looking Back at a Year of Android TV News

Today marks the one-year anniversary of the official launch of Android TV News. It began with a simple idea. There did not seem to be a lot going on in Android TV. Developers weren’t building apps because there weren’t users, and users weren’t getting devices because of a lack of apps. There was a disconnect between these two groups and if developers were able to receive more press for what they did, they’d have a greater incentive to invest their time. This would in turn help users who were looking for apps.

Whispering Willows Screen

Anthony and I started it September 8th last year with a handful of posts, including an interview with the game developer of Whispering Willows. From the beginning we wanted to help the Android TV community by curating news and providing original content.

A few months into our experimental blog, Brian began writing a handful of articles. Later we launched a YouTube channel for video content and gameplay videos. The NVIDIA Shield has been a great device for screen recording and even occasionally streaming to our Twitch account.

Over the past year, we’ve been growing very well in conjunction with the platform itself. Early on I spent a lot of time trying to find some Android TV-related news every day to publish. Now we’re publishing several a day and still developing a backlog. It’s great to see this progress both in terms of news and the community in general. TV and Google Cast are beginning to become more of a priority and getting some great software. I’ve definitely learned a lot about building a community and finding success running a tech blog.

I implemented the new OnboardingFragment in the Leanback Sample
I implemented the new OnboardingFragment in the Leanback Sample

Thanks in part to this site, I was able to obtain an internship at Google this summer where I worked in the Developer Relations team for Android TV, improving sample apps and acting as a bridge between third-party developers and Google’s engineering teams. It was fantastic, and my in-depth knowledge of TV really helped me make valuable contributions.

After a year, I think Android TV News has been fairly successful. We have hundreds of followers on our YouTube and Twitter accounts, and we’re almost at 500,000 total page views. We’re not slowing down either. We will continue to create handy guides for users, maintain our list of Live Channel sources, and create more content for you to read. We also have some other plans that we’ll be discussing soon.

If this was a State of the Union, I’d say the state is good. Android TV is more popular than ever, and Anthony, Brian, and myself are still excited about where the platform will go. The site has seen a lot of growth since we began and it will continue to be your one-stop shop for everything Android TV.

Any comments, concerns, criticisms, or ideas about this site? Let us know.

Nick Felker

Nick Felker

Nick Felker is a student Electrical & Computer Engineering student at Rowan University (C/O 2017) and the student IEEE webmaster. When he's not studying, he is a software developer for the web and Android (Felker Tech). He has several open source projects on GitHub (http://github.com/fleker) Devices: Moto G-2013 Moto G-2015, Moto 360, Google ADT-1, Nexus 7-2013 (x2), Lenovo Laptop, Custom Desktop. Although he was an intern at Google, the content of this blog is entirely independent and his own thoughts.

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