Plex & Amazon Partner To Launch An Always On, Hardware-free Media Server, Plex Cloud

Plex is one hell of a service, a personal favorite of mine and always looking to innovate and impress. Just look at what they’ve done with The NVIDIA SHIELD TV and DVR allowing you to have all your media under your own roof and be your own streaming service to you and possibly others you want to share with. Now up until now there weren’t many ways to have a Hardware free home without a Plex server. There were VPS box providers that would setup Plex for you or allow you to do it on your own but to the common user it’s either above their skill level or not worth the hassle if it ended up not being powerful enough or too much a month.


So today Plex and Amazon partnered together to combat this problem at its core. With Plex’s Software and Amazon infrastructure they’ve made Plex Cloud possible. Being powered by Amazon’s Cloud Drive. All the files you expect to work on your home brewed Media Server will work here. Now as for Plex specific features, The new Plex Cloud will eventually include all the features offered by Plex, like its transcoding capabilities and media player software for accessing and organizing your media library, but several features are not available at launch. These include camera upload, mobile sync, cloud sync (This one’s kinda of obvious, see below), media optimizer, DLNA and DVR.


Now as I mentioned I would expand upon why Cloud Sync does and doesn’t make sense to bring to Plex Cloud. If Plex wanted to sell to their customers this feature then they’d never bring it because it a really off the wall way it competes and at one time Cloud Drive was part of this. This still required a server to be able to transfer it there. Now they’ve cut out the middle man and shouldn’t concern themselves with it on Plex Cloud but only to non Cloud users.

Now how do I get my hands on this? For now until further notice the service will be available only to Plex Pass users (the company’s paid tier) and requires that users already have an Amazon Drive account. This means another expense – $59.99 per year – but that’s not a bad deal for cloud storage, compared to the competition, as it gives you access to unlimited storage for any file type. Pumbling Google Drive, Dropbox or iCloud’s pricing, which are tiered and more expensive.


Interested customers can sign up for the Plex Cloud Beta here to request access to the invite-only beta.


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