Plex Media Server Beta For NVIDIA SHIELD TV Adds Plex DVR Support( BETA 2 Out)

Ever since PMS (Plex Media Server) came out for the NVIDIA SHIELD TV it’s been pretty quiet in terms of features but today that streak is broken with the addition of Plex DVR to the media server-side of Plex for the SHIELD TV. Initially when Plex DVR came out it was one of the few non working server devices but of course client side worked for every platform Plex is on.

But now since it’s here it’s another thing for NVIDIA to boast about their set-top box and how it’s easily the best one out there right now. To use Plex Media Server, a Plex Pass is needed, which is usually the case with new cutting edge features like this so that when it’s a public feature it can be bug free and stable and it also allows them to give something to those supporting them.

Now if you’ve met this requirement what else do I need? A HDHomerun is the obvious hardware along with an antenna( Which you can enter to win right now) or cable connection of sorts but the rest is software. So you need to download Plex Media Server beta from the Plex forums in addition to the Play Store, although this post is currently locked. Once done, start Plex on the SHIELD and navigate to Settings -> DVR to configure the tuner and input location data that the programming guide needs. Then Record away!

Want to Program from the web interface? It’s super simple. Open Enter what you want to record in the search field. Or, just go to the Program Guide, find what you want to watch and hit record (whether it’s a movie, a TV show, an individual episode, or a sporting event), confirm the settings and then “Confirm” the recording.

As always if you haven’t picked up a SHIELD TV I’d recommend it as you’re missing out on the greatest set-top box that can do just about anything now.


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