[Rumor] Prices Leaked: Google Home $129 4K Chromecast $69

It’s that time of the year again when everyone gets excited for all the new shiny things Google has up their sleeve, this year is no different from the last in terms of how it seems to be going. By this I mean Google I/O hype, products get released like Allo/Duo, then AP decides to break the silence with HUGE news and then we still have stuff that no one knew like the Pixel C from last year. So today is the day that silence broke and two sources have told AP to expect Google Home at $129 and a Chromecast Ultra, meaning 4k support(HDR too), at $69! If these rumors hold to be true than Google will be pretty busy during the holiday season shipping both units left and right. Amazon won’t be too happy come Oct 4th but I know we will be.

Source: Android Police

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  • Kevin Brosseau

    If this is right, then Google’s new Chromecast will be competing against itself with the MiBox which is already priced at $69 (according to the Walmart leaks) and supports 4k. Still, I’m more than satisfied with the Shield TV, which I’ll probably still hold as superior to these options.